Moving To Vancouver

Are you planning to move to Vancouver? Does it feel overwhelming?

We’ve been there. We moved overseas three times in our lives, and we know how challenging it is. We made countless mistakes before and after moving to Vancouver – so we were able to learn from them. And we can hopefully teach you to avoid most of them. (You’d need the rest for your own personal development. And some mistakes are just unavoidable, anyway.)

Whether you consider your new life a success has a lot to do with setting the right goals and expectations. There are tons of articles all over the internet telling you tips and practical advice about moving to Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver, or to a new country in general. But we advise you to take a step back. Look at the bigger picture first. And we’re here to help you with that.

Moving Abroad Planner & Journal

Size: A4 document, 28 pages

Format: PDF

Price: 9 USD

We compiled years of experience in moving and living abroad into this printable planner and journal in order to set you up for your version of a successful life abroad.

This book helps you define your goals and timeline with monthly and yearly goal setting pages, checklists and journal pages.

It’s not location or time specific, it simply leads you through all the necessary steps to build your new life in the country you chose.

Arrive well-prepared. Set the right goals – and track them. This book holds your hand.

What you’ll get: A PDF download of your Moving Abroad Planner & Journal for offline access. No physical copy will be sent, but you are free to print it (and we recommend to do that).

What’s inside?

This compact and easily digestible printable PDF includes:

  • vision board for setting your goals
  • moving timeline action steps
  • moving checklists
  • document to take checklist
  • monthly planner journal pages
  • monthly and yearly reflections journal pages

It’s not date, year or location specific.

Take a peak:

See some of the pages from the book (not in order)

Since this is a digital product, we do not offer refunds. However, if you have any trouble receiving it or have difficulty accessing it, we’re happy to help.