Regions of British Columbia

British Columbia is huge. Like France and Germany together, just there’s less people and more wilderness. It consists of several regions that all have their unique destinations.

Lower Mainland: this is where half of the province lives. It’s the Greater Vancouver area, along with the Fraser Valley and the Squamish-Lillooet regional district. It has mild climate, with plenty of rainfall. Temperate rainforests, too. Check out our posts about it here!

Vancouver Island: this surprisingly large island is just off Canada’s Pacific Coast. It’s home to BC’s capital city, Victoria, some of the most beautiful beaches and coastal trails of the province. Check out our posts about it here!

Thompson-Okanagan: hot in summer, cold in winter, this region is home to many unique destinations, like Canada’s only desert or the famous Okanagan wine region. Check out our posts about it here!

Kootenay: hiking, skiing, rafting, mining, logging – this region is home to majestic mountains. It has long, cold, snowy winters.

Cariboo: north of Thompson-Okanagan, this region is where BC starts getting really wild. Vast landscapes, forests that seem to be endless. Freezing, snowy winters.

Northeast BC: east of the Rocky Mountains, this is a remote region of mountains, forests, lakes and the fertile Peace River valley.

Northwest BC: bordering the Pacific Ocean, this region is a wild land of mountains and rugged coastlines. Occasionally there are roads and towns, too.