35 Great Vancouver Quotes

35 Great Vancouver Quotes

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Vancouver is one of our favorite cities in the world. The ocean meets the mountains here – and show me another city which is home to such fabulous rainforests and waterfalls. If you’re looking for breathtaking scenery and endless hiking routes, Vancouver is your city. But this post is mostly about beautiful Vancouver scenes and lots of praise.

In this post I collected inspiring and funny quotes about Vancouver, backed up by my own favorite Vancouver pictures and sentimental thoughts. I was once a Vancouverite – and you can’t ever leave Vancouver, part of your heart will remain there. Oh, okay, I started it, so let’s see the best Vancouver quotes which capture the vibe and beauty of Vancouver. They’re biased, just like me, so read this post if you’re ready to fall in love with Vancouver – again and again.

Inspiring Vancouver quotes

My favorite inspirational quotes about Vancouver. They do include mountains or rain – one I love and one I love-and-hate.

“Vancouver is the most wonderful place. I put it up there with San Francisco and Sydney as a kind of magic sort of harbor city.”

Terence Stamp, actor

Seaside Greenway, Vancouver, BC, Canada

What can I say? After living in all of the three cities, I couldn’t agree more. Being a harbor city, and a very scenic one, is a strong part of their identity, and they all have a typical, unmistakeable, captivating vibe.

Vancouver’s waterfront is mostly dedicated to pedestrians and cyclists. The Seawall runs for miles, and I can hardly imagine views of the Vancouver skyline without water views. Stanley Park, Coal Harbour, False Creek, Granville Island – they’re among my favorite places to stroll along the water.

“Vancouver is not a place I am from; it is a place I belong.”

Daphne Marlatt, Canadian poet and novelist

“I love just how beautiful Vancouver is. I mean, everywhere you look it’s just mountains and ocean.”

Emma Bell, actress

“My favorite place in the world to run is Stanley Park in Vancouver. One loop around there is perfect.”

Matthew Morrison, actor & singer

Third Beach, Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

And one loop around there is about 10 kilometers, so anyone completing it can be proud. I walked this loop the first time while pushing my 2-year-old in the stroller, and he fell asleep as I passed Lions Gate Bridge. Then there are the memories about the two of us collecting colorful leaves there in the fall, or splashing on Second Beach and Third Beach at low tide in the summer. Many think that Stanley Park is among the most impressive urban parks in the world, and I wholeheartedly agree.

“Vancouver is a city that balances the urban and the natural – it’s truly unique.”

Trevor Linden, from the Vancouver Canucks

What I loved the most about Vancouver is how naturally it belongs to the mountains and the ocean. It’s one of those strange cities which list natural attractions as the best sights. It’s a city where everyone is passionate about nature, everyone likes hiking or skiing, and people go running in the pouring rain. Well, not me, I run in the drizzle only. It takes time, I guess.

Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Vancouver is the square root of negative one. Technically it shouldn’t exist, but it does. I can’t imagine living anywhere else.”

Douglas Coupland, Canadian novelist & designer

“Vancouver’s natural beauty is a constant reminder of how small we are in this world.”

David Suzuki, Canadian environmental activist

View of Lions Gate Bridge, Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Vancouver is a city that always has something new to discover – whether it’s a new coffee shop or a hidden park.”

Amanda Lang, Canadian journalist

Hidden parks for sure. Charleson Park with views of a breathtaking Vancouver skyline. David Lam Park, with the skyscrapers of the business district in the background. Sutcliffe Park on Granville Island. Lovely Emery Barnes Park, a green oasis in downtown, surrounded by towering buildings. Terra Nova Adventure Park in Richmond. Lively Ambleside Park and wild Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver. Mundy Park, Como Lake Park and Coquitlam River Park in Coquitlam. Variety Park and Deer Lake Park in Burnaby. Panorama Park, Cates Park, Hastings Creek Park or Mahon Park in North Vancouver.

“Vancouver is a city that nurtures creativity and fosters a sense of community.”

Margaret Atwood, Canadian poet and novelist

False Creek, Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Vancouver was like a long kiss from a ponytailed girl. I left a piece of myself there. Everybody does the first time.”

Dave Bidini, Canadian writer

“I absolutely adore Vancouver, it’s really been my second home.”

Tamlyn Tomita, actress

“Vancouver is one of my favorite places on Earth. It’s gray and rainy there a lot of the time, but for some reason, even though it’s gray and rainy, I feel like it’s a sunny day.”

Billy Campbell, actor

Vancouver, BC, Canada

in my opinion the truly sunny days are still the most beautiful!

“In Vancouver, you can ski in the morning and hit the beach in the afternoon. It’s a magical place.”

Karen Kain, Canadian ballet dancer

Being able to go skiing without leaving the city is an impressive feature of Vancouver. Also, we quite often had the option to trade the rainy city for the snowy mountains during the winter months. And Vancouver’s legendary cherry blossom (is it? It should be!) is truly captivating with the snow capped peaks of the North Shore Mountains in the background.

“Vancouver is a city that is constantly evolving and reinventing itself – it’s always exciting to see what’s next.”

Josh Freed, Canadian writer and actor

Gastown, Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Vancouver is a place where you can truly connect with nature and disconnect from the world.”

Keanu Reeves, actor

“Vancouver is a city that truly has it all: beauty, culture, and a unique West Coast spirit.”

Gregor Robertson, former mayor of Vancouver

“Vancouver is a city that never fails to inspire and challenge me – I’m grateful to call it home.”

Michael Bublé, singer

Best Vancouver quotes for Instagram

Not an Instagram fan? Skip to the next section – but for the rest of you, I have a surprise.

All those beauties in Vancouver scream for Instagram posts, whether you’re passionate about picturesque waterfalls, mighty mountains or artistically decorated lattes. This section is for you if you’re looking for Vancouver Instagram captions. Here’s what I have for you:

False Creek, Vancouver, BC, Canada

  1. All you need is love and an umbrella.
  2. Dear Vancouver, I love you but we need to talk about the rain.
  3. Vancouver feels as free as the rain.
  4. Live, love, rain Vancouver.
  5. Coffee, mountains, rain, repeat.
  6. Coffee in one hand, umbrella in the other – just another day in Vancouver.
  7. I love you like the rain loves Vancouver.
  8. Chasing waterfalls and cherry blossoms in Vancouver.
  9. Today’s forecast: 100% chance of rain.
  10. In Vancouver, the seasons are: almost winter, winter, still winter and road construction.
  11. Vancouver, where the mountains are high and the clouds are low.
  12. Where the mountains are our playground and the ocean is our backyard – Vancouver.
  13. I never knew a city could steal my heart the way Vancouver has.
  14. Vancouver, the city that made me fall in love with the Pacific Northwest.
  15. The city that’s home to rainforests and spectacular waterfalls. The city that gets a ton of rain. The two facts go hand in hand. Vancouver, you’re amazing!
  16. Either you love Vancouver, or you are wrong.
  17. I’m not lost, I’m just taking the scenic route in Vancouver.
  18. When in doubt, head to the mountains.

Books and movies set in Vancouver

Coal Harbour, Vancouver, BC, Canada

I know, I promised quotes (and I delivered them), but when nostalgia hits me, nothing is as good as a book or movie that takes me to Vancouver. That’s the sole reason I started watching Virgin River on Netflix – which was shot in North Vancouver and Squamish.

What else is there? Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds is a proud Vancouverite), The X-Files: I Want to Believe, Juno, X-Men: The Last Stand or I, Robot. Finally, a truly Canadian one: Mount Pleasant (2006, by Ross Weber), which is set in the neighborhood of Vancouver with the same name.

I didn’t know about books first, but after some research, my endless book bucket list has grown:

  • Stanley Park by Timothy Taylor
  • Five Little Indians by Michelle Good
  • Bad Cree by Jessica Johns
  • Greenwood by Michael Christie
  • The Conjoined by Jen Sookfong Lee
  • Disappearing Moon Cafe by Sky Lee
  • Pick-Up Sticks by Sarah Ellis

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