15 Pictures That Make You Want To Visit Vancouver, Canada

15 Pictures That Make You Want To Visit Vancouver, Canada

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Maybe you’re like we once were, and you think that Vancouver is not really a worthwhile tourist destination on its own. While it’s true to some extent – mainly because so much natural beauty surrounds the city that you just don’t want to miss it if you’re already here -, Vancouver does offer a lot and deserves your time.

It has an astonishing seaside walkway with epic skyline views and some of the best urban parks in the world! Add some beach sunsets, canyons, creeks and waterfalls, exciting museums and a diverse food scene, and it turns out that even though Vancouver lacks cobbled streets, pastel colored historical houses and Gothic cathedrals, it’s still a pretty awesome city to visit.

Seaside Greenway, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Vancouver is the most wonderful place. I put it up there with San Francisco and Sydney as a kind of magic sort of harbor city.

Terence Stamp

We’ll soon publish an in-depth guide about all that’s worth seeing and doing in Vancouver, but this time we just want to show you how stunning it looks! Get tempted.

By the views while sitting in Vanier Park.

Vanier Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Pinky harbour and downtown views from Charleson Park.

Charleson Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Fall colors in Harbour Green Park.

Harbour Green Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Sunset views from Third Beach.

Third Beach, Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Magnificent views while walking the Stanley Park Seawall. Also, be on the watch for seals who pop their head out of water from time to time.

Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Night skyline views from Stanley Park.

Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The golden harbour on False Creek late in the afternoon.

Seaside Greenway, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Morning wind on Kitsilano Beach.

Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Modern art along the Seaside Greenway.

Seaside Greenway, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Twin Falls in Lynn Canyon. (And many-many more waterfalls and canyons in and near the city…)

Twin Falls, Lynn Canyon Park, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Rainforest walks in North Vancouver, like the trails of Capilano River or Lynn Headwaters Regional Parks.

Capilano River Regional Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Snow on Cypress Mountain – one of Vancouver’s iconic mountains, only 20 minutes drive from the heart of the city.

Cypress Mountain, West Vancouver, BC, Canada

Golden hour at English Bay Beach in Downtown Vancouver.

English Bay Beach, Vancouver, BC, Canada

I love just how beautiful Vancouver is. I mean, everywhere you look it’s just mountains and ocean.

Emma Bell

P.S. All photos in this post are sunny but one. That’s not an indication of how the weather will be during your visit. Don’t leave your rain jacket at home! 😛