Best Of British Columbia

Are you visiting British Columbia for the first time? Here you find all the information you need before your visit, along with the very best places to include in your itinerary.

What’s the best time to visit British Columbia?

Like the majority of Canada, British Columbia gets quite cold in winter. The northern you get and the further you get from the coast, the colder it gets in the winter months. The only exceptions are the southern coastal areas, mainly Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island, which normally don’t get snow and have mild winters. But they get a lot of rain, especially from November to March! And they have high mountain where winter definitely exists.

May and June are “mosquito season” at high elevations and in northern areas due to the large amount of melting snow. July and August are the warmest, driest months and everyone’s favorites to travel around the province. Hotels, campgrounds and parking lots fill up quickly, so plan ahead and expect high prices.

September and October could be the sweet spot in terms of weather and crowds. It’s already after the high season, but even higher elevations are not likely to get snow before mid-October.

So which are the best places to go?